The Whaly 435R Professional is an incredibly sturdy, double-walled boat manufactured from virtually maintenance free High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).  This 14' 4" hull has built in seating.  You can add a console and stern storage bench or simply put a tiller motor on and hit the water.  The 435R can carry up to 10 passengers and a max 40 HP motor.  The 435R is a great starter boat, yacht tender and is the preferred boat of rescue operations across the globe.  


Length - 14' 4"

Width - 5' 8"

Shaft length of outboard: Long 

Stern Height - 20' 5"

Weight - 433 lb

Maximum outboard - 40 HP


Maximum capacity

10 persons/ 1896 lbs

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Storage Bench, Navigation Arch, Bimini, Console and Side rails 

Whaly 435R PRO

Starting at $5,195 (Financing Available)

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