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 500R PRO

Starting at $9,495 (Financing Available)

455R PRO

Starting at $7,495 (Financing Available)

435R PRO

Starting at $5,195 (Financing Available)

Whaly 370

Starting at $3,995

Whaly 310

Starting at $2,995

Whaly 270

Starting at $2,395


Simple Design- Endless Possibilities

For over 20 years, Whaly has been providing boat owners with plenty of options at affordable prices!  Our extremely sturdy, double-walled hulls are manufactured entirely out of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE).  Our boats are low-maintenance, have very spacious interiors and are very safe.   With hulls that are indestructible Whalys are more durable than fiberglass and aluminum boats and totally unsinkable. 

Our unique hull design lends itself to many different uses and applications.  Features like our landing craft bow design and high passenger capacity set us apart from traditional boat designs.  Versatility is one of our hallmarks and that can be seen in the many different ways our boats are used. 


No matter what your needs are, Whaly has an a perfect boat for you! 

Landing Craft style is perfect for the beach

Our stable hull is perfect for Water Sports Schools

The 500R is a perfect Safety Boat platform, used by rescue personnel and divers

Use your imagination and build a boat that suits you

Whaly = FUN

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Whaly has been building boats for over 20 years, with distribution in 42 countries and in July 2020 we introduced Whaly to New England.  With our locations on Nantucket and Boston we look forward serving all of New England.


Our unsinkable, indestructible, maintenance free boat -  a perfect alternative to more expensive inflatables on the market today. We believe our technologically designed boat is a better alternative than fiberglass, aluminum, and inflatable boats providing more safety features, has longer life, better performance offering more control for rescue teams, work crews and enthusiast.  The high-density polyethylene roto-molded construction make them rugged, puncture proof, and maintenance free.


Our boats offer you plenty of boating fun at affordable prices! These extremely sturdy, double-walled boats are manufactured entirely out of High Density Polyethylene, so they are low-maintenance, have very spacious interiors and are very safe.   

These versatile and stable boats are perfect for the various conditions and regions of New England.  All Whaly models are perfect for recreational use, but many of them are also very suitable for professional purposes. Whether you are looking for a stable support boat for a sailing school, a Whaly boat for rescue operations or a rugged Whaly for your boat rental business, Whaly’s well thought-out design, which emphasizes strength and stability, offers many options.




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